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pattern-image Shivaji Goulikar
Shivaji Goulikar

Power Programmer at Infosys
9.5 LPA
I had previously attended several interviews but had always been turned down, despite giving all my effort. However, thanks to Revature's outstanding training and coaching, I've been placed with a good 8 LPA offer as a fresher.

Revature was first introduced to me through discussions at my college. I understood that they serve as a link between students looking for opportunities and employers looking for the ideal talent. They have great trainers who provide their associates with industry-relevant expertise.

I chose Revature because, after speaking with the team, I discovered that they provide training on current and emerging technologies as well as a stipend while you learn with them which is quite appealing.

The most exciting aspect of my time at Revature was how much I enjoyed the training days. We were a group of 16 students led by Ajay Sir. I was able to develop my skills during the session. Aside from Python and DBMS, I also learned about big data, and my soft skills and coding abilities also improved.

Also, speaking of their culture, Revature provides you with a learning environment. My advice to new trainees is to simply follow the trainer’s instructions until the staging begins, because it is under their mentorship that you learn to give your best work.


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